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You ever get the feeling…

You ever get the feeling like things are not going to work out the way they were supposed to?  I guess we all have felt this way at some point in our lives. We planned. We worked. We accomplished what we needed to get done. Then we entered a season where all of the preparation seemed to lead no where. I find myself in one of these seasons right now.


Furguson & John (No the other John)

Ferguson’s sermon series from John. I am sure it is great and am  looking foreward to the listen.

Worth Checking Out

Empty Minds, Empty Hearts, Empty Lives…

from Challies Dot Com – Informing the Reforming

Worth Checking Out

Lutheran Insulter

Insults by Martin Luther

Oh Job Where Art Thou?

Scottish Glossolalia?

Does the Scottish Reformation and reformers (as well as Lloyd-Jones) represent a theological tradition, or at least a meaningful and verifiable historical precedent, for a Charismatic expression within the Reformed Tradition? 


Maybe what we dismiss as “baby-talk” is really just a form of Paedo-glossolalia resulting from Infant Baptism in the Holy Spirit? Baby-like-faith is the new “child like faith.” 

Books I Need to Complete


Thinking in tongues

Christian’s Reasonable Service