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Tom Nelson

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Being a Better Blog Commenter

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The Whole Point

“Jesus did not come in order to try to save the world, if the uncooperative world would only let Him. He came to save the world; He will be satisfied with nothing less than a saved world. That was the whole point” (Heaven Misplaced, p. 127). See it at:

The Satanic Ideology of Photoshop

“Rather than celebrate these creations as they are, as their Maker made them, we want to transform them into something else. Something made flawless with human hands or something ageless and unaffected by the Fall. Something that, this side of Eden and apart from the Resurrection, will never be.” See it at:

‘A Universe From Nothing,’ by Lawrence M. Krauss

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God-Centered Sacraments by Robert Letham

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The lost boys of America… – BaylyBlog: Out of our minds, too…

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Eating the Apple – Reformation21 Blog

“When Steve Jobs died last year, it was as if a messiah had left the earth yet, when his c.v. is examined, it contains no cure for AIDS, no effective treatment for cancer and no answer to world poverty. He designed cool looking computers, snazzy cell phones and juke-boxes of a size that can be carried anywhere. We live in a world of small messiahs these days.” See it at:

The Emergence of Fun Morality

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NIV Lessons from Life Bible: Personal Reflections with Jimmy Carter

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