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To Untie Every Knot

To Untie Every Knot

The Puritan William Bridge once said that “the word ‘father’ is a sweet word, for it sweetens all our duties.” So it is here. We have a duty or an obligation to come here to the Supper, but at the same time, it is a sweet duty. The Lord Jesus is here, His Spirit is here, and it is therefore the Father’s Table.

One of the reasons why our generation is so neurotic about food issues is because we are a fatherless generation. We don’t know, down in our bones the way we ought to, that fathers nourish, fathers provide, fathers feed. This Table is therefore a model for us.

The duty of calling God your Father is a fundamental duty. We cannot do this except through the blood and body of the Lord Jesus, displayed for us here. Neither can we do it except through the work of the Spirit of all love, displayed for us in the congregation, as we partake of all good things, including the gifts of one another.

So if your life is one of anxiety over food and drink, if your soul is tied up in knots, then come. This is the meal that unties every knot. Your Father is here.

So some, and welcome, to Jesus Christ.

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So what if abortion ends life?

“Yet a fetus can be a human life without having the same rights as the woman in whose body it resides. She’s the boss. Her life and what is right for her circumstances and her health should automatically trump the rights of the non-autonomous entity inside of her. Always.” See it at:

Done With Accusation

Done With Accusation

This Table goes by various names, like the Eucharist, which means thanksgiving, or by the Lord’s Supper, or the Lord’s Table. One of the common names for it is communion. In this meal, we have communion with the Lord Jesus, and with one another. But communion entails more than a nebulous spirit of unity. Christian unity always involves propositional content, which means conversation. That is why this meal is at the conclusion of a long conversation we have had with God—we have offered prayers and psalms to Him, and He has spoken to us through His Word. This is the climax of that conversation—it not a distinct or separated element.

If we are conversing with God, this means that we should be conversing a lot less with the devil. God’s conversations are filled with comfort, and the devil’s conversation is filled with accusation. That is what he does, that is what he is. And the only real spirit that is unable to receive God’s comfort here is the spirit that wants to make room for accusation—whether it is accusation of self, or of others. Put another way, the one thing you may accuse here, in your own heart, is that spirit of accusation. This is because conviction at this point does not condemn—just the reverse. So some, and welcome, to Jesus Christ.

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Caution Is Not Accusation

Caution Is Not Accusation

“You can lock your doors at night without accusing every person who walks by of attempted thievery, and you can pull back when someone crosses your ‘friendly line’ without accusing them of ‘attempted adultery.’ Godly jealousy sets particular standards — for friendships, for get-togethers, for business lunches, for entertainment standards, for dress, and so on” (For a Glory and a Covering, p. 18).

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Too Low, Too Human, Too Safe

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Pastor Rick Warren releases statement on Hobby Lobby morning-after pill lawsuit | Deseret News

“Today, the government has tried to reinterpret the First Amendment from freedom to PRACTICE your religion, to a more narrow freedom to worship, which would limit your freedom to the hour a week you are at a house of worship. This is not only a subversion of the Constitution, it is nonsense. Any religion that cannot be lived out at home and work, is nothing but a meaningless ritual.” – Pastor Rick Warren” See it at:

And We All Qualify | The Lord’s Table

And We All Qualify

We serve a merciful God, but one who does not trifle with sin. When we come before Him, forgetful of our sins, in that self-serving and convenient way we have, He remembers them. In Hos. 8:13, when the worshipers came to offer their sacrifices, there God promised to remember their iniquity. But this is the same God who promises to forget our sins. The psalmist prays that God would not remember his sins (Ps. 25:7). As far as the east is from the west (Ps. 103:120, so far our sins are removed from us. He throws all our sins into the depths of the ocean (Micah 7:19).

So then, if we forget our sins, God does not forget them. If we remember them, confessing them (1 John 1:9), God forgets them. This is simply another way of saying that the man who worships God must do so honestly, and not be trying to work some game or other.

But this is why can come to this Table with confidence. The Table is set with the body and blood of Jesus. The body was broken for sinners, and all of us here qualify. The blood was shed for sinners, and every last one of us qualifies.

Come, and welcome, to Jesus Christ.

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