Done With Accusation

Done With Accusation

This Table goes by various names, like the Eucharist, which means thanksgiving, or by the Lord’s Supper, or the Lord’s Table. One of the common names for it is communion. In this meal, we have communion with the Lord Jesus, and with one another. But communion entails more than a nebulous spirit of unity. Christian unity always involves propositional content, which means conversation. That is why this meal is at the conclusion of a long conversation we have had with God—we have offered prayers and psalms to Him, and He has spoken to us through His Word. This is the climax of that conversation—it not a distinct or separated element.

If we are conversing with God, this means that we should be conversing a lot less with the devil. God’s conversations are filled with comfort, and the devil’s conversation is filled with accusation. That is what he does, that is what he is. And the only real spirit that is unable to receive God’s comfort here is the spirit that wants to make room for accusation—whether it is accusation of self, or of others. Put another way, the one thing you may accuse here, in your own heart, is that spirit of accusation. This is because conviction at this point does not condemn—just the reverse. So some, and welcome, to Jesus Christ.

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I am Youth Pastor and mDiv student at Reformed Theological Seminary in Central Florida. Together with my lovely wife, Claudia, and our Yorkie, Toshii, we are desire to glorify God and serve the local church by creating heart-felt and Biblically informed worshippers of love for God.

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