A La Carte (4/23)

A La Carte (4/23)

The Power of His Rising – The Power of His Rising is episode 6 of the amazing Dispatches from the Front series of DVDs. Westminster Books has it on sale for just $5 (or the whole series for $40). Seriously, buy it, watch it with your family, church or small group, and discuss it.

Desperate – Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe is a book I really enjoyed and highly recommend. The Kindle edition is down to just $3.99. (Here’s my review)

Discussing and Dealing with Pornography – Anthony Carter: “Today, we are evangelizing and disciplining a generation of men who have been inundated with sexually provocative images and have in many instances become numb to sinful sexual practices and inappropriateness.”

There Really Is a Reason – Mark Altrogge says that there really is a reason for our suffering and offers twelve benefits stored up in our afflictions.

Scripture in Worship – I once attended a megachurch in which there was no Scripture reading (beyond fragments within the sermon) and no prayer (beyond a “with every head bowed and every eye closed” response to the sermon). Joe Thorn addresses Scripture in worship in this article.

The Least of These – Randy Alcorn: “We need to think this through carefully. I’m morally/politically conservative on issues such as abortion, in which lives are at stake. But I am also concerned about the welfare of the environment God has entrusted to our care. We need to understand that human lives are at stake in the issue of creation care! Consider, for instance, how many people die from contaminated water. Taking care of water is taking care of people!”

The TIME 100 – For whatever it’s worth, which is probably not much, here is TIME’s list of the 100 most influential people in the world today.

For every one hundred men who can stand adversity there is only one who can withstand prosperity. —Thomas Carlyle

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I am Youth Pastor and mDiv student at Reformed Theological Seminary in Central Florida. Together with my lovely wife, Claudia, and our Yorkie, Toshii, we are desire to glorify God and serve the local church by creating heart-felt and Biblically informed worshippers of love for God.

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