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Morality of Knowledge

We are in the constant pursuit of figuring out our world. As infants we explore our world from our backs tracing the shapes and colors of everything that passes before our eyes. As children we put our hands in everything and we put everything in our mouths. The learning never ceases. We discover more and more of God’s creation. The nature of our experimentation becomes more technical as the questions we seek to answer become more complex. Stumbling through our own wilderness of ignorance, we fiercely accumulate information is our efforts to dominate the world around us. We seek to define it, understand it, and eventually master it. We have done well. It seems like humanity is prevailing in its struggle

Yet in all of this we have forgotten that we are not the first minds to come into contact with the world we live in. As I reread portions of Dr. Frames Doctrine of the Knowledge of God. He reminds me again of the Biblical impossibility of neutrality or objectivity. Everything that exists exists because it was part of God’s plan. He created it for a specific purpose and function within the cosmos and His redemptive work. The heavens and the earth exist to display His glory.

Like an explorer who plants the flag of his nation in a far away uninhabited land, only to be greeted by the military of people who happen to live in this far away uninhabited land, we foolish claim to discover, define, and give meaning to what only exists because it first existed in the mind of God. As we interact with the world around us we have two options. Do we seek to thinks Gods thoughts after him or do we seek to exclude his role? To do the former is to humbly submit ourselves to our creator and the Lord over all things. To do the latter is a rejection of his lordship in favor of independence. God has spoken. He created everything and shines the light of understanding into this creation. A refusal to listen, or worse, a rejection of his Word, is rebellion and defiance against a God who has graciously revealed Himself to us.