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“For God So Loved” said the JW

A couple of Jehovah Witnesses came by my home earlier this week. They opened the conversation by showing me an article in the most recent Watchtower magazine on Armageddon. It provided a great entry point into the topic of the Holiness of God. After pressing the point of our guilt and discussing the just and holy response of God to punish the guilty; I asked them to explain to me what hope they have that God’s wrath will not consume them at Armageddon. They were not able to provide an answer. As we continued to talk around this question, one of them stopped as said, “But John 3.16 says that God loved the world so much that he sent Jesus” and “The Bible says that God is love.”

Though they probably didn’t realize it, they were moving in the right direction. They are exactly right. If we take the message of the holiness and justice of God seriously, we have nothing left but to do but to throw ourselves on the love of God in cross of Christ. Unfortunately for my conversation partners, this was too much. Responding in disbelief, one said, “You are telling me we don’t have to do any to be worthy of salvation?”

It is ironic that those who preach a gospel of that depends on our performance and ability to please God to receive salvation, would flee to God’s love when confronted the implications of God’s holiness and their sinfulness. I am expecting them to come visit again. I hope they have been thinking about our conversation as much as I have.